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Cavo round 1200x675

Cavo Round Trimless by XAL

Trimless luminaire for multi-spot accent illumination from one seamless ceiling aperture.

Mino 60 circle 1500 suspended darkgrey 3 1200x675

Mino 60 Circle by XAL

Suspended ring luminaire from rolled aluminium extruded profile, seamlessly welded with integrated tool-less suspension height adjustment.

Feature a vela evo ceiling direct

Vela Evo by XAL

Round luminaire with micro prismatic PMMA diffuser for homogeneous illumination and reduced luminance. Suitable for workplace illumination with UGR < 19.

Feature a bo 55 wls white

BO 55 by XAL

Track light with spotlight head 355° rotatable and 90° tiltable; optimised for flush ceiling installation in a CANYON 15 channel adapter and converter integrated into spotlight head.

Feature c amara 1600x900


Flexible layering of lighting zones for the Amara Apartments Display Suites in Sydney's Alexandria.

Feature c oracle 1600x900

Oracle by Christopher Boots

Sculptural in presence & resonating with symbolism, ORACLE brings a touch of the Bronze Age crossed with the 21st century.

Feature c bcaa 1600x900

BCAA by Christopher Boots

Composed of a modular brass modular framework, in concert with sandblasted borosilicate glass in tubular or globular form.

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