• Digest Vol 4.7 – Feature Project Showcase


    The dazzling glass-fronted skyscraper is one of London’s most distinctive landmarks and an amazing example of how light can be used to highlight a building’s architecture. Lighting designer Zoe Faulkner of Troup Bywaters + Anders and Foster + Partner Architects worked closely together to create illuminated curves via the XAL Frame Curve system customised to reflect the building’s structure.

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  • Est Lighting, major sponsor of the 2021/2022 The Design Coach Scholarship Program

    Est Lighting is excited and very proud to be official sponsors of The Design coach Scholarship initiative that will provide one lucky individual the journey of a lifetime.

    Since TDC commenced, Andrew Mitchell and his team have offered valuable business experience and mentoring to the Interior Design & Architecture industry and we see great value and importance in such initiatives.

    This Scholarship Program in 2022 will facilitate the personal and professional development of a member of the design community who shows the right aptitude, attitude and commitment. Someone
    who’s ready to commit to 12 months of life-changing growth and learning. The program offers full access to classes, courses, coaching and the amazing Byron Retreat. The scholar will be granted a
    total of over $17,400 worth of value.

    The Scholarship is open to designers from all sectors, all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

    You might still be at university, or you may have been working in your business for more than 20

    To be eligible, you need to be a member of the TDC community (it’s free) and need to have a registered design business. Applications are open to interior designers, interior decorators, architects, interior architects, stylists and entrepreneurs.

    Entries close 15th December 2021, we urge you to apply and we look forward to being part of this exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity. The Winner will be announced Mid February.

    Head to The Design Coach for more information!

  • Digest Vol 4.5

    Digest Volume 4.5 covers XAL’s range of discreet lighting and their latest innovations. After 30 years, they continue to push the boundaries of technology and design.

    We then look at Aertssen Logistics, an architecturally futuristic building with lighting as unique as the structure itself. Interior designer Eef Debeuf gives insight into her vision and the project’s spectacular lighting system.

    XAL truly continues to inspire architects and designers alike with UNICO; a downlight with unique flexibility that meets every requirement.

    Finally, we evaluate functional and appealing lighting for educational establishments, notably Lucerne University.


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  • Digest Vol 4.4

    In our next Digest Volume 4.4, we delve into Europe’s leading architectural and decorative lighting manufacturers, Wever & Ducre and celebrate two of their exceptional designs.

    The WETRO collection brings pieces made with techniques based on hundreds of years of craftsmanship, making each product completely unique. VENN accentuates exciting design elements, with its striking overlapping squares, but also incredibly multifunctional.


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  • Digest Vol 4.3

    Welcome to Digest 4.3. In this issue we hero XAL’s innovative and timeless design, starting with the MOVE IT 45 SYSTEM. A magnetic track system that allows workspaces and conference tables to be individually illuminated with a single track and the right insets.

    We then tap into how lighting has been used in a number of open-learning, spatial situations within St Martin’s Primary School, to achieve a feel-good environment. Similarly, we discuss the versatile lighting formats for meeting rooms and how it can truly determine the mood and outcome of any discussion.


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  • Digest Vol 4.2

    Welcome to Digest Volume 4.2.  Despite the continual challenges faced by us all,  the creative minds and manufacturing teams behind the Brands we represent at Est Lighting, have shown remarkable resilience.  Their admirable defiance has conceived the release of new collections that continue to push the parameters in ‘good design’ and lighting technologies. We proudly applaud their perseverance.

    With our Melbourne and Sydney showrooms renovating to represent these new products, some of which we showcase in this Digest issue, we invite you to put some time aside to visit us and see these new collections for yourselves.  Of course, there will be Gin & Tonic’s and Negroni’s on request!


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  • Digest Vol 4.1

    Welcome to your first Digest of 2021. For those of you that are new to Digest, we welcome you to this quarterly ‘newsletter’ fix of inspiring products, projects and the complete low-down of Est Lighting. Our local and international brands continue to inspire, rising above our collective universal challenges, to bring you a range of extraordinary new products, designs and technologies. As we invite you all back into our showrooms, we look forward to sharing them with you. There is a lot we have planned for the year ahead so please, read on.


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  • Digest Vol 3.8

    Welcome to the final Digest for 2020. We still cannot grasp just how quickly we got to November, what a year it has been.  In this volume 3.8, we announce the two winners of the Instagram 10K Followers. Congratulations to you both and a huge thank you to all of our followers, we hope you continue to find our Instagram a source of inspiration. We also spoke with Andrew Mitchell, Director of the hugely inspiring The Design Coach, and we celebrate our sponsorship for the upcoming Byron Retreat 2021. We close out this year’s final Digest with your usual selection of Key Products and recent Project Features.


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  • Digest Vol 3.7

    In this volume of Digest we recap and showcase four popular light products that have repeatedly caught the attention of our clients and specifiers.  Each offer a bundle of excellent unique features with one thing in common, they resolve a lighting need, whether it be a solution for minimal recess install, provide illumination while absorbing sound or simply provided that much needed practical yet decorative touch.

    Project Showcase presents four collaborations with Australia’s leading Architects and Interior Designers including Greg Natale and Pierce Widera, who have applied luminaries from the Est Lighting lighting range.
    In other humbling news, our Instagram profile has proved an inspiration and source of product ideas for close to 10,000 followers and for this, we thinks it is worthy a celebration.  Read on for your chance to celebrate, on us, a grand prize worth $2,000.


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  • Digest Vol 3.6

    We have a Colossal (no Lost Profile pun intended) Digest for you, so we won’t take up too much of your time here. There are a lot of exciting products coming out of Europe right now and XAL and Wever Ducre will absolutely provide you with great inspiration.

    We also caught up with Melbourne based artist Kane Alexander, whose work is currently on display at the Melbourne showroom, and while we wait to welcome you back in to experience his sublime works, we caught up with Kane and dug deep into art and light.


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