Info Vega is the solution for the electrical connections problems and for the use of remote drivers. Thanks to the DRIVERLESS Technology, in fact, the fixture can be directly connected to the main voltage. Vega is supplied with a double watertight IP67 connectors PLUG & PLAY, avoiding in this way the need of the junction boxes. This projector is adjustable and suitable for architectural lighting and for highlighting large spaces. It can also be used as solution for High Bay LED Light and it is supplied with DGA Cooler Max Technology: an additional cooler system which improves the dissipation of the warm produced and increases the lifetime of the fixture and its reliability. A higher control of the light emitted is also guaranteed by the mechanical blocking system of the light pointing which this product is supplied with.
Brand DGA
  • 60.0 W
Colour Temp
  • 3000K
Beam Angle
  • 30°
  • 60°
  • 240
  • Black
  • Exterior
  • Ceiling
  • 67
  • 173x185x195
DGA VEGA hero.jpg
M dga vega ip67 dis.jpg
dga vega app.jpg
dga vega app2.jpg
dga vega app3.jpg
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