About Est Lighting

Est Lighting is an Australian-owned company specialising in world-class lighting solutions. Having formed partnerships with respected architectural and decorative lighting brands from across Europe, Australia and beyond, Est offers a range that’s technically advanced and beautifully innovative.

Consulting closely with commercial and residential clients, Est combines exceptional lighting instruments with thoughtful design – aiming to enhance people’s environments and lives. Together with leading architects, interior designers and lighting designers, Est has illuminated some of Australia’s most impressive restaurants, bars, offices, retail spaces and private homes.

Founded in 2016, Est is a partnership between Sevan Mirzaian, Ted Smyth and James Zagari, who had collaborated for many years before starting the business. The trio saw an opportunity to use their collective expertise to bring high-end lighting brands to Australia, making these sought after products more accessible. Est now represents a collection of ten carefully selected brands, which are on display in their showrooms in Sydney and Melbourne.

Our Team

Sevan Mirzaian - Est Lighting
Sevan Mirzaian Director - Sydney
Ted Smyth - Est Lighting
Ted Smyth Director - Sydney
James Zagari - Est Lighting
James Zagari Director - Melbourne
Tilly Bull - Est Lighting
Tilly Bull Architectural Lighting Consultant - Sydney
Vince Lipari - Est Lighting
Vince Lipari Associate - Sydney
Mariana Robledo - Est Lighting
Mariana Robledo Project Team - Melbourne
Francis Wright - Est Lighting
Francis Wright Architectural Lighting Consultant
William Antonenko - Est Lighting
William Antonenko Architectural Lighting Consultant
Jackson Vagabond - Est Lighting
Jackson Vagabond Architectural Lighting Consultant
Isabelle Tasker - Est Lighting
Isabelle Tasker Project Team - Melbourne
Juliet Pham - Est Lighting
Juliet Pham Project Team
Andrew Tiley - Est Lighting
Andrew Tiley Architectural Lighting Consultant