Info Soho is presented as a statement, in recognition of the merits of the lamps traditionally used in markets, taverns and cafeterias. After studying different volumes, proportions and materials, new uses and lighting effects have emerged.
The use of rotation-moulded polyethylene allows us to easily offer this fixture in a wide range of sizes. Whereas before the Soho collection offered diameters of 57 and 112 cm, now it’s also available in a smaller size, measuring just 38 cm. This new size is more appropriate for smaller spaces, and increases the overall versatility of this fixture.
Brand Marset
  • 28.0 W
  • 127.0 W
  • White
  • Black
  • Grey
Control Protocol
  • Fixed Output
  • DALI
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Ceiling
  • Suspended
Soho new colours.jpg
01 Soho57 Outdoor.jpg
Soho at BarentsKrans2 HR.jpg
Soho at private residence Brasil.jpg
Soho at Rest Dionisos.jpg
MARSET HR Soho 38 sand at a porch.jpg
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