Info A combination of basic geometric shapes and
the use of wood together with metal give this
range of lamps a homely appearance, at the
same time as a clearly defined personality.
All of the movements of the fully rotating
shade use arms and hinges, and its
technical precision means that springs or
counterweights are not necessary in order
to maintain the selected position. Scantling
is a term used to define the size to which
a piece of wood or stone is measured and
cut, derived from the name of an old unit
of measurement.
The interplay of the different elements
used in its design gives this lamp an
archetypal, almost graphic appearance.
Brand Marset
  • White
  • Black
  • Interior
  • Floor
scantling P app 01.jpg
Scantling floor P40 in black.jpg
Scantling P73 White.jpg
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