Showroom | Melbourne

June 2019

The Richmond Melbourne showroom officially launched on the 3rd of June, three years in the making, following the incredible success of the Sydney showroom.  Unlike the bright and shop fronted Sydney showroom, the Melbourne showroom is a hidden gem, with very little natural light, it provided the perfect space to showcase the assortment of lighting brands that adorn walls, ceilings and floor of this unique and inspiring space.

Designed by the Christopher Elliot Design team, a major source of inspiration came from witnessing the way light interacted with curved surfaces walls and partitioning.  Then everything else flowed from there. The designers wanted to use materials that would have an interplay with light, such as the smattered timber of the island bench and the s-fold curtain that flanks the entrance to dramatic effect. These elements highlighted the way light and shadows react beautifully with uneven surfaces. The warm colour palette was conceived too offset the austerity of the building and juxtapose nicely with the industrial elements.  The results are both breathtaking and striking and is a game changer in showroom experiences.


Photography – Jack Lovell

Interior Design – Christopher Elliott Design

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