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Info Linear light inset made of aluminium; light inset can be installed and moved without tools by means of magnetic holders+locking; surface anodised black; flush with profile system; equipped with an individually selectable light element or a daylight and movement sensor; also available with UGR < 19 (workplace light suitable for VDUs according to DIN EN 12464-1); passive cooling of LEDs with optimised heat sink geometry; energy-efficient high power LEDs with very good colour rendering; binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; available in the light colours 3000K and 4000K; CRI ≥ 90; min. 80 % of the luminous flux after 50000 hours; high-quality reflector with micro-faceted, aluminum-vaporised surface; precise radiation characteristic with different symmetrical light distributions; degree of protection IP 20; PC III; hot plug protection; DALI control; flicker-free visual comfort through analogue current control (minimum value 1%)
Brand XAL
  • 4.1W
Colour Temp
  • 3000°K
  • 4000°K
  • 90
Beam Angle
  • 33°
  • 56°
  • 290lm
  • 309lm
  • 338lm
  • 361lm
  • Black
Control Protocol
  • Interior
  • Ceiling
  • Track
  • 43x43x48
L1 floodsquare55
L1 movico 1
L1 movico
L1 MOVE IT 45 flood square 4000K 4.1W 4000°k Ra90 56° 361lm Black
L1 MOVE IT 45 medium square 3000K 4.1W 3000°k Ra90 33° 290lm Black
L1 MOVE IT 45flood square 3000K 4.1W 3000°k Ra90 56° 338lm Black
L1MOVE IT 45 medium square 4000K 4.1W 4000°k Ra90 33° 309lm Black

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