Info The Stilts Table is inspired by fashion runway and the fierce movements of a model’s legs. The elements in the base splay, each as if off balance, only held up by the equally and opposing off-balance element beside it. The form is made from cured and laminated timber for stability, and it is functional as a meals table, an occasional table or display table. The sculptural gesture would be impossible to make without digital modelling and forming technology as each of the components are fabricated to fit like a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle.
As each of the bases is a stand-alone module, the table can be specified in all sorts of shapes and sizes with little or no difficulty. The top can be made rectangular and long, round, or in our signature three-sided wedge.
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Light oak
  • Medium aged oak
  • Dark oak
  • Whitewashed oak
  • Charred/blackened Acoya
  • Interior
Stilts Dylan Farrell Hero.jpg
Stilts Dylan Farrell Regular1.jpg
Stilts Dylan Farrell Regular2.jpg
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