Info The Sail Flushmount Light, part of the Sail lighting series, comprises modular stone disks rotating off a central metal rod, LED backlit to create both glow at the underside as well as a light cast onto the ceiling. With very few decorative high-end flush mounts on the market, the Sail is an elegant solution where ceiling height or drop from a ceiling is limited. With the disk elements offered in Onyx, cast glass and antique mirror, the Sail is a sculptural fitting that can work in both classical and contemporary interiors.

The disk forms are waterjet cut to a pre-determined organic form along with matching shrunken cast metal mounts polished directly out of the mold. The combination and rhythm of shapes and materials create a light that is more akin to a piece of art than simply a functional interior element.

The Sail is typically offered in a stack of 3 disks, however these layers can be increased or decreased. The size of the disks can also be customized to certain limits. Round LED lit plates run off a remote transformer.
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Interior
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