Info The Sail Chandelier is self-initiated aspect to the launching off for this design in that Dylan had always desired to create a chandelier that might rival the beauty and craftsmanship of an heirloom-quality earring.  With that in mind, a multi-tiered form materialised, and much effort was placed in designing framework that would conceal the light source entirely so as not to distract from the purity of the form.  To evoke the quality of hand-wrought, antique jewelry, no element of this piece is crafted with ready-made stock materials.  Each of the three tiers is hand-crafted with special attention to varying the thickness and tapering of the form as it gently cradles the “jewel”.  Once the design for the framework was completed, it was then time to create a gem for the casement.  In keeping with the purely bespoke credo for this piece, hand-caste glass was developed with a texture that might complement the angular and delicate form of the casement.  Dylan envisioned a material that might feel like the slick surface of an illuminated, ice-covered lake that was recently cut in many directions by a mob of ice skaters. The interpretation of the chandelier’s three-dimensional form in a two-dimensional pattern on the glass creates a delicate dance between heaviness and airiness – darkness and light. 
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Interior
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