Info The Module Table originated from Dylan and Nicolette sharing gourmet chocolates. As one piece was cut into two, the dark chocolate exterior revealed a golden honeycomb interior. This concept was modeled in 3D digital space to achieve a highly sculptural form that works in singles, pairs and tryptic. In 2014, the design was awarded Best of Year by the American publication Interior Design magazine.
Available in variations of metal and timber, the veneered forms seamlessly fit together to create a singular visual solid, styled to be semi-detached as a fragmented surface, or can be separated and moved about for various surface functions. Where these modules are separated, a new and contrasting material, tone, or color is revealed.
Technology allows the fabrication of every module to be matchlessly exact, with little-to-no tolerance at each of the compound joints. Hand finishes are then executed over the outer surfaces to create a warm modelled effect that gently offsets the otherwise precise industrial fabrication.
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Light oak
  • Medium aged oak
  • Dark oak
  • Interior
Modules Dylan Farrell hero2.jpg
Modules Dylan Farrell Regular1.jpg
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