Info Square light fitting made of aluminium; seamlessly welded; surface gold powder coated; suspended luminaire with 2000mm cable suspension; height adjustment without tools; incl. transparent feed; electronic operating unit installed in the canopy; light colour 3000 K; Binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; CRI ≥ 80; min. 90% of luminous flux after 50000 operating hours; energy efficient LEDs with high CRI; HPO (High Performance Opal) cover for uniform illumination; due to special material composition with increased transmission and diffusion; + 15% luminous efficiency compared to standard opal covers; inwards facing emission characteristics; direct/indirect light emission for additional accentuation of the ceiling; canopy with 2 cable openings and plug-in terminal for through wiring; degree of protection IP20; PC1 220-240V; photobiological safety according to IEC 62471 risk group RG 0 - no Risk; internal wiring in light halogen free; incl. converter, non dimmable;
Brand XAL
  • 67.0 W
Colour Temp
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • ≥ 80
  • 7200lm
  • 7650lm
  • 7870lm
  • 8100lm
  • 8360lm
  • 8530lm
  • 8850lm
  • 9070lm
  • 9600lm
  • white
  • grey
  • black
  • gold
  • special colours
Control Protocol
  • non DIM
  • DALI-2
  • Interior
  • Suspended
  • 1255x1255x60x 2000
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INO square 1255.jpg
INO square 1250 gold.jpg
INO square 1250 grey.jpg
INO square 1250 special.jpg
INO square 1250 black.jpg
INO square 1250 white copy.jpg
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