Info The Harp Leg is a lyrical shape that is deceivingly delicate in form; however, heavy duty in function. Made to partner with a rectangular top, the solid cast metal forms are made to take large weights over long spans and can accommodate any table length. The Harp offers a structural solution that is as aesthetically pleasing as any top it might support.

Though our preference is to leave the metal of the Harp Leg in a “live finish” so it naturally patinas over time and with use, it can also be regularly re-polished over the years, be brought to a high polish and sealed during production or be evenly patinaed and sealed for a more even aged effect during production.

The Harp is offered with a variety of custom finished and sized tops, including stone slab, timber slab, timber veneer, and leather wrap.
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Interior
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