Info The Bijou Table is meant to resemble calm swamp waters with gnarled branches climbing upward, ornamented in weathered or polished metal. A play on words, Bijou (French for “jewel”) resembles the word bayou with describes low-lying still waters. Like much of the collection, it was inspired by explorations of the Australian coastline – in this case, the plentiful mangrove trees and their raised waterborne root systems.
A flat baseplate is hand-hammered and polished to reflect the stanchions that raise from it. The legs are cast-and-forged by blacksmiths ad individually stitches to the base and grinded for both blending and texture variation. The finish is then artistically modelled to enhance the movements of the forms. A variety of different materials are offered as a top, so the metal base can be ‘decorated’ to enhance a given interior.
The Bijou is offered as a coffee table, side table and console table, however custom fabrications are welcome on request.
Brand Dylan Farrell
  • Blackened stainless
  • Polished brass
  • Blackened steel
  • Aged brass
  • Aged bronze
  • Interior
Bijou Dylan Farrell Hero.jpg
Bijou Dylan Farrell R.jpg
Bijou Dylan Farrell Regular2.jpg
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