Info Decorative pendant light inset made of aluminium; light inset can be installed and moved without tools by means of magnetic holders+locking; surface powder coated in black or white; available in special colours; pendant fitting with 1500mm suspension, incl. feed (black or white); can be individually shortened; or height adjustable U-profile pendant rod suspension (black or white) 1500mm, feed in U-profile; spotlight head either fixed or 320° rotatable and 90° tiltable; shades available as accessory for variant with cable suspension in RAL colours velvet beige, madeira brown, kingfisher grey, woodpecker olive, signal white or signal black; passive cooling of LEDs with optimised heat sink geometry; COB (Chip on Board) technology or CSP (Chip-Scale-Packaging) technology (tunable white) for maximum efficiency; no multiple shadows; energy-efficient LEDs with very good colour rendering; binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; available in the light colours 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and tunable white (2200-4000K); CRI ≥ 90; L90 / 50000h; good glare reduction due to recessed light point plane; incl. high quality lens system; precise radiation characteristic with two different beam angles; IP 20; PC III; hot plug protection; optionally non-dimmable, DALI-2 or wireless Zigbee 3.0 control; flicker-free visual comfort through analogue current control (minimum value 1%); ceiling mounting rings for multiple positioning of the luminaire in the room available as accessory
Brand XAL
  • 5.4 W
  • 14.0 W
Colour Temp
  • 2700K
  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • ≥ 90
  • 268lm
  • 284lm
  • 979lm
  • 1020lm
  • 1050lm
  • 1100lm
  • 1180lm
  • white
  • black
  • special colours
Control Protocol
  • non DIM
  • DALI-2
  • Zigbee 3.0
  • Interior
  • Ceiling
  • Track
  • cable 1500 mm
  • cable 2000 mm with hook
  • rod 1500 mm
  • rod 1500 mm with hookx47x110
ARY rod 2 copy.jpg
ARY adjustable rod suspended hook.jpg
ARY adjustable rod suspended.jpg
ARY adjustable white copy.jpg
ARY cable white copy.jpg
ARY rod white copy.jpg
ARY cable 1 copy.jpg
ARY rod 2 copy.jpg
ARY adjustable copy.jpg
ARY rod col (1) copy.jpg
ARY adjustable col 1 copy.jpg
ARY cable col 1 copy.jpg
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