Est Lighting, major sponsor of the 2021/2022 The Design Coach Scholarship Program

November 2021

Est Lighting is excited and very proud to be official sponsors of The Design coach Scholarship initiative that will provide one lucky individual the journey of a lifetime.

Since TDC commenced, Andrew Mitchell and his team have offered valuable business experience and mentoring to the Interior Design & Architecture industry and we see great value and importance in such initiatives.

This Scholarship Program in 2022 will facilitate the personal and professional development of a member of the design community who shows the right aptitude, attitude and commitment. Someone
who’s ready to commit to 12 months of life-changing growth and learning. The program offers full access to classes, courses, coaching and the amazing Byron Retreat. The scholar will be granted a
total of over $17,400 worth of value.

The Scholarship is open to designers from all sectors, all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels.

You might still be at university, or you may have been working in your business for more than 20

To be eligible, you need to be a member of the TDC community (it’s free) and need to have a registered design business. Applications are open to interior designers, interior decorators, architects, interior architects, stylists and entrepreneurs.

Entries close 15th December 2021, we urge you to apply and we look forward to being part of this exciting and once in a lifetime opportunity. The Winner will be announced Mid February.

Head to The Design Coach for more information!

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